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UV Tan




Our prices on UV tanning will beat any competitor’s in the surrounding area!  


Six individual rooms, each decorated in a different theme, allow you a relaxing, private tanning experience to sweep you away from the stressors of your hectic day. 


For the modest price of $39 (plus UV tax) you can enjoy unlimited UV tanning for a complete month.  In addition, at Santanning Spa you are entitled to use any level of bed for the same low price, that’s right, no extra charge for increasing levels of tanning! We have NO membership fees, NO contracts, and NO Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) automatically drawing from your bank account every month.  At Santanning Spa your "membership" is what YOU make it!  Wether you want a month unlimited or a whole year you decide how you want to tan and what works best for you.


Enjoy a unique and affordable tanning experience under the rays of the best lamps in the industry including Cosmedico, Radiance and Light Sources.  If you’ve never tanned before or are a seasoned tanner looking for a way to boost your color, we are here to answer all your questions and help you to achieve your UV tanning goal. 


Headed to the river this weekend, Lake Havasu or Las Vegas?  Let’s work together to find which natural looking tan is right for you. Whether you need to get a base tan, maintain an existing tan, or bust through a plateau to get an even deeper tan we have what you need to fulfill your goal.


Promotional tans will be reflected in your account with us, once purchase is made through PayPal. 


1 Tan $7
5 Tans $25   (expires in 6 months)
16 Tans $45   (expires in 6 months)
20 Tans $50   (expires in 6 months)
52 Tans $125  (expires in 12 months)
1 Month Unlimited (1 x day) $39
3 Month Unlimited (1 x day)


6 Month Unlimited (1 x day) $179
1 Year Unlimited                                   $240
 *Our unlimited packages are based on a 34 day cycle


Session packages can be shared with one other family member, Unlimited packages cannot be shared.


In an effort to keep our clients happy and offer you value for your money, we have instituted a Loyalty Points Program.  For every $10 you spend at our spa, wether it's on tanning packages, lotions, bathing suits, sunglasses or a cold drink, you will receive 1 loyalty point (excludes Hair & Skin care services). This point is equivalent to the value of a dollar (no actual cash value) and can be accrued until you have enough to purchase spa services!


You are required to wear UV protective eyewear when tanning in our beds.  We have these available for sale from $0.50 to $3.75 per pair.


Due to a Federal Law passed in 2011, people under the age of 18 are no longer allowed to utilize tanning beds unless authorized by a physician for the treatment of a disease.  Also, as of January 1, 2012 all UV tanning services are subject to a Federal 10% UV tax.






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08/30/2012 at 09:31AM
Wow! The decor is so relaxing and inviting here. I used to tan here before when it had other owners. The new owners fixed the air conditioning, the building is cold and cool, but the people are so friendly and helpful. I really like coming here because they always remember my name, not just mine, but everyone elses!
01/24/2013 at 07:17PM
I love the low prices and the great tan I get coming here, I'm not a big chain tanner and I like the comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
02/10/2013 at 12:24PM
Their tanning beds are older but they keep them in great shape and the lamps are new. I had my doubts when I started coming here but I have a great dark tan and I love it. They are really helpful in getting you where you want to be. No other tanning place can touch this one for value and great service.
03/12/2013 at 04:06AM
What a coincidence, I have to be tan by the 2nd as well! I went to my tanning salon a couple of days ago and signed up for 3 months of tanning in the bed and I just got spray tanned for the first time ever yesterday afternoon and i LOVE it! I think it depends on what they use for a spray tan on whether or not you turn orange bc i'm not orange one bit! (NEVER use a mystic tan booth i've seen too many of my girlfriends go in and come out orange and streaky worst idea ever!) And it doesn't block the uv rays from the tanning bed. The stuff they put on your skin in a spray tan reacts with your dead skin cells and turns it the tan color you want (kind of like how a rotten apple turns brown gross, i know). And as we all know uv rays are better absorbed by darker colors so it'll help you tan quicker/deeper in the beds.I know i'm gonna be looking great this saturday and i'm gonna keep on with the beds so I can keep my tan!

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