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Red Light


A Santanning Spa introduces Red Light Therapy(RLT) to it's list of spa services.  For those that are not familiar with this therapy it was first developed and researched by NASA to grow plants in space but as it turned out a beneficial side effect was discovered in that it helped reduce the incidence of  depression in astronauts.


Since then RLT has been found to be effective in treating various health ailments including joint pain, arthritis pain, and inflammation. It also promotes quicker wound healing and is effective in anti-aging therapy (reduction of wrinkles).  The most recent study by NASA indicates substantial success in healing mouth and throat sores (mucositis) in pediatric cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  These patients because of their weakened immune system develop sores which make it extremely difficult to chew and swallow food which in turn causes weight loss, which in turn makes the patient weaker.  It is a vicious cycle, that up until now, there has been little physicians could do to alleviate.  


RLT is also extremely effective at accelerating wound healing and reducing scarring.  If you look at the pictures at the bottom of this page you can see a gentleman who suffered a laceration across his top and bottom lips as a result of a motorcycle accident.  In case you were wondering, yes, that gentleman was me!  The wound was open but not deep enough to require stitches so I applied steri-strips to close it.  The first picture you see is after I had the steri-strips on for about 3 hours.  It's hard to appreciate how deep the laceration really was and I wish I had taken a picture before I closed it.  It's interesting to note that I had RLT within 16 hours of the accident happening and an amazing 5 days later the scab was already falling off! I have never in my life healed that fast from a wound.  Because of this experience I can definitely vouch, that in the case of accelerated wound healing, this treatment works.  Anyone who has undergone traditional surgery, cosmetic surgery, laser therapy, aggressive chemical peels or has any type of wound that they would like to heal faster and have a less noticeable scar without keloids will benefit from Red Light Therapy.  


There is another use for RLT that I had known about but was not quite sure it worked.  I realized it did work by accident while I was looking at some earlier pictures I had taken of myself about a month before my accident.  If you look at the picture below labeled "Crow's feet before" and "Crow's feet after" you can see that the crow's feet and bags under my eyes have dramatically decreased after 12 RLT treatments.  Even the other wrinkles on my face have started to smooth out, but of course I also use a skin care regimen of Rhonda Allison products and microdermabrasion which I'm positive helps immensely.  So in my case I can also vouch that RLT, in combination with our skin care products and microdermabrasion from our aesthetician, will fade and lessen, if not completely remove, lines and wrinkles from your face.  Just understand that this treatment is different for every person because of their type of skin, how they take care of their skin, if they're exposed to a lot of UV rays, if they smoke or not, and if they stay hydrated.  



At A Santanning Spa we now offer Red Light Therapy in a full immersion bed in which the entire body is exposed to RLT at 633 nanometers.  This is squarely in the optimal wavelength range for ATP acceleration.  Some salons offer RLT in a traditional clam shell  tanning bed or a stand up booth.  Although this may be effective, it's important to understand that light waves have a specific amount of energy and the further the distance from the target tissue the less energy they have to penetrate the epidermis when they strike it.  In our bed we have the capability of lowering the lamps until they are within an inch or two of your body, thereby increasing the amount of energy available to penetrate your skin and stimulate your cells.  


We have developed a package designed for treating acne/scarring, another for treating Rosacea and one for anti-aging.  Each of our packages includes 3 or 4 Rhonda Allison skin care products specifically selected for their effectiveness in treating these 3 conditions. a 1 month series of RLT sessions and a combination of microdermabrasions and facial treatments.  In conjuction with a consultation with our aesthetician, we can customize a package for the treatment of your special skin type that will treat your condition without breaking your pocketbook.  






1 Session                        $10

6 Sessions                      $50

12 Sessions                    $85

24 Sessions                    $145



Call us to arrange a consult to see how we can help you in your anti-aging, wound healing, acne scarring and pain relief needs.



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