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IR Sauna


After a long day at work you need to relax and let the stressors of the day drain from your body.  Come in and enjoy the calming and healing effects of our private Infrared Sauna room.  With high quality carbon fibers our sauna will emit infrared rays which will deeply penetrate your skin and muscles thereby relieving pain associated with arthritis, bursitis and other musculoskeletal problems.  


An increase in blood circulation during your session will result in increased oxygen delivery to all your tissues and a resulting feeling of well-being and tension release.  A variety of health benefits are associated with the use of Infrared Saunas from boosting metabolism to removing toxins.  Call today to reserve a private session for yourself or a couples session with your spouse, significant other or best friend. 






1 Session $20 (One person)
1 Session $10 (2nd person)
5 Sessions $75 (One person)
5 Sessions $100 (2nd person)


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01/02/2013 at 12:50PM
I absolutely love this sauna! It has a CD stereo system in it and a reading light that throws off enough light for me to enjoy my book while I
01/23/2013 at 05:27PM
I had tendonitis in my right wrist for 3 weeks and the pain was getting worse. I tried this sauna for one session just to see if it would help and the pain lessened for 2 days and then came back full force. I then tried it 5 straight days in a row and the pain has gone away and not come back...that was 2 weeks ago. It worked wonders for me.
01/24/2013 at 06:45PM
I love how my skin feels when I get out of this sauna, really soft and clean. If you like to sweat this IR sauna is the way to go. :)
02/28/2013 at 04:30PM
I've been in a lot of saunas and this is the first dry sauna I've been in that doesn't dry out my skin. Really cute place and best prices I've found around.

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